Why you need Fotobooth at your next event.
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Why you need Fotobooth at your next event.

Photo booths are becoming more popular than ever, you can find them at corporate events, brand activations, birthday parties, and even sporting events. With such a strong demand and in such a competitive market, the question is, “How do I pick the right photo booth for my event?”

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Our photo booth experience is different (and better!) than anyone else out there. Not only have we been around for over 5 years, the founder of Fotobooth created our photo booth from scratch using our love for photography, events, and customer satisfaction as inspiration. We wrote our own software and built our own unique Photo Booth system. The result is a tailor made, customisable photo booth that produces flattering, professional (and fun!) photographs shot after shot.

The main reason most event organisers suggest having a photo booth at events is because they are amazingly, awesomely fun! Obviously, your event is going to be a blast! Having a photo booth elevates the experience to a whole new level!  For some reason, people let loose when they get in front of a camera. Not everyone likes to break it down on the dance floor, so having that extra source of entertainment will put young and old at ease!

But let’s focus on what makes Fotobooth the best photo booth option for your event!

  • Fotobooth provides a unique user-generated experience
    That’s right! We put the trigger in your hands! No more lame count downs. No more bored operator taking the photo at the exact moment you blink, or have a double chin, or both! We put you in charge! A trained Fotobooth photographer will be there to set up and assist with all the technical bits, so we only give you the most important job! Capturing the fun!
  • Fotobooth provides instant Social SharingIt didn’t happen if it isn’t ‘Facebook-official’ or retweeted by your army of loyal followers? If this is your media conscious mantra, then Fotobooth has the solution for you! We provide a personalized, branded interface for social sharing. Once you select the image on our touch screen device (no bloopers will be sent online, don’t worry), you can upload to facebook and twitter, you will also receive straight from the event.
  • Fotobooth is the perfect tool for brand activation and engagementGone are the days of receiving another branded pen or lighter. No one really wants them, its bad for the planet, also it’s out of the last century. The future of branding is digital! Fotobooth can cover all your needs when it comes to making a memorable impact. Not only is our solution fun, we provide your brand with instant social media coverage. The Fotobooth solution is so flexible that we can go anywhere your event requires. We also provide branded and creative set and background options. Fotobooth specializes in unique intervention points that lead to amazing possibilities for creativity, fun and engagement with your brand.
  • Fotobooth gives you so many creative optionsWe don’t like being put in a box, or thinking inside one either. That’s why at Fotobooth we don’t expect it from our clients. The customizable Fotobooth solution has no physical constraints (or creative constraints!). Our unique set up can be arranged and rearranged to suit any environment or venue. Not a tratidionalist? Neither are we. Why stick to standard photographs? Fotobooth gives you the option to create animated gifs, pose in front of a green screen, and paint with light or even set up a UV light photo booth! The creative possibilities are endless!

We pride ourselves in providing not only the best photo booth experience, but also great client service, creative solutions and memorable picture perfect products.