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How Green Screens Work

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At Fotobooth we love experimenting and getting creative when capturing your special event. We do more than your standard, every-day photo booth setups. Fotobooth provides user-generated, full body shots, with little to no limitations. Fotobooth also provides a range of innovations to make your event even more memorable.

We all know the term ‘green screen’, but the screen isn’t always green.

At Fotobooth we don’t put you in a box! Our set up has no limitations when it comes where we can capture the most amazing event photos. This is one of the reasons we are so good at what to do, and that we are able to offer our happy clients so many creative innovations.

One of our most popular innovations is our Green Screens! And we understand why…green screen enables you to be transported anywhere without leaving the event.

Have you ever wondered how green screens work? It is pretty simple concept but with so many applications. Green screens are used in most weather forecasts and in almost all action packed movies. But what makes it work?

Green screen photography is also known as chroma key photography, is a process that allows you to replace a solid coloured background with a background of your choice. This technique has been used in the film industry for years but it is now becoming very popular with photographers as well.

We all know the term ‘green screen’, but the screen isn’t always green. It all depends on what you are photographing. The backdrop colour just has to be very distinct, you need a colour that isn’t found in natural tones and are least likely to be found in your subject matter. If you are photographing a sports team with bright green uniforms, a green screen will not work. Luckily there are other options out there as well.

The concept of using a green screen is that it makes it easy to separate your subject from the background. Since the background is a solid color that is not normally found in nature or most clothing articles, it becomes easier and quicker to separate your subject from the background.

Sounds easy enough, right? It is a simple idea, but there is one very important aspect that we understand very well. That is lighting! The most important aspect to successful green screen photography is lighting. You need uniform lighting across the entire background to quickly remove the green colour from your photographs before adding a background of your choice.

Fotobooth has the professional quality studio lighting available with all our set ups, so when it comes to green screen, we are set up and ready to shoot in no time!

If you are planning a creative, out of the box event, and you need a team to get in on the action. Fotobooth can help with photo booth set ups from conceptualization to implantation. Our booths have no borders, neither have our ideas!