Open booths
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Open booths

open booths

Why (our) Open Booths are the Best!

Why choose an open booth instead of an old fashioned box booth or an impersonal pod booth?

You might think that one photo booth is much like any other, but you would be wrong. Conventional photo booths as seen at train stations and really old shopping centers that no one goes to anymore, involve a dingy, dirty, dark box that you sit in behind a thick curtain. This is all good and well when you want a basic passport photo, no one wants an audience for that face…

When it comes to launches, parties, events or weddings, this is not what you want.

Why box in the fun? We like to think, and photograph outside the box! Why choose an open booth instead of an old fashioned box booth or an impersonal pod booth?

With Fotobooth’s open booths, everyone at your event can see what’s going, and what they’ll see is crazy, energetic fun! And who doesn’t want to have some crazy, energetic fun? Your guests will get ideas for their own poses as they watch, or they just get dragged into the booth. Fotobooth’s awesome, customizable, open booth will lure people in and become just a focal point for your event!

No one likes being in a tight squeeze, no matter how you look at it, standing next to the guy from IT who is a bit strange, or that ‘Tannie’ who always squeezes your bum at family reunion. Squeezing family members or co-workers into a conventional booth is fun for about 3 seconds, and then manic claustrophobia kicks in, and then no-one has fun. With Fotobooth’s open booth, we provide space for large groups and epic swan dives to capture your one of a kind event.

Another great aspect of Fotobooth’s open booth is that we can go anywhere! Our one of a kind booth setup provides amazing flexibility and portability. Want a photobooth on a rooftop? No problem. Want a photobooth in a minibus taxi? No problem! Have your own creative idea, or need help with coming up with something crazy? Give us a call! We love collaborating. The possibilities are endless!

At Fotobooth, we pride ourselves in professionalism, creativity and endless possibilities! Contact us today and let the photographic fun begin!