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The story of GIFs

fotobooth gif people holding hunters drink

At Fotobooth we pride ourselves in providing the best quality photo booth experience to our clients. Not only can we provide user-generated, full body shots, with little to no limitations. Fotobooth also provides a range of innovations to make your event even more memorable.

Why do we at Fotobooth love and embrace GIFs? For exactly the same reason the entire internet loves them! A sense of fun displayed in an uncomplicated manner!

If you are planning a high energy, action packed event, then our GIF activations are perfect for you. Not quite sure what a GIF is? We’ll try and explain it to you in the least boring kind of way.

First of all, let’s break it down to the basics. GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format, and became popular and widespread in the late 1980’s. But back then GIFs weren’t used as we do today. They were implemented to provide a color image format to replace earlier RLE format, which was black and white only. GIF became popular because it was more efficient and fairly large images could therefore be downloaded in a reasonably short time, even with very slow modems.

But enough with the technical mumbo jumbo. Why is it that we are familiar with this file format, if there are so many other options that provide better quality and colour range? It can be held down to a single attribute; the feature of storing multiple images in one file, accompanied by control data, is used extensively on the web to produce simple animations. That’s right, those simple, soundless, looping animations that we all get stuck watching.

So why are GIFs so popular? From its early days, the GIF had an inherent element of fun. Even though we all blush at the thought of our old MySpace profiles (if you are old enough to remember), most of those pages were plastered with annoying animations that allowed you to ‘express yourself’ (embarrassing, we know!). And strangely enough, GIFs didn’t die along with MySpace, they simply migrated to other forums like Tumblr. These days, people are less concerned with the pronunciation of the word (pronounced ghif by the way) and more fascinated by the GIF itself. The file format has become a default brand of web humor, alongside impact-font memes and viral YouTube videos.

Why do we at Fotobooth love and embrace GIFs? For exactly the same reason the entire internet loves them! A sense of fun displayed in an uncomplicated manner! At Footbooth we are all about action, fun photos and being in control! What’s better than jumping for joy in a photo, or breaking it down with your girls? Well, with our GIF activation we can capture that moment. That’s right, full on action shots with all the movement and energy as a video but with a file size that won’t eat up all your data.

If you think a GIF activation would be perfect for your event, contact us today!