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Why print

Why we still need to print photos. We don’t print much anymore… none of us do, it appears. And that is something that we should reconsider doing.

Our photo booth experience is different (and better!) than anyone else out there. Not only have we been around for over 5 years, the founder of Fotobooth created our photo booth from scratch using our love for photography, events, and customer satisfaction as inspiration.

A print IS photography achieved, it is a tactile realization of a moment frozen in time. It lives in a space not confined by a screen, or in demand of electricity or Wi-Fi or a device’s battery life. It occupies a physical space in the universe.

At Fotobooth we love everything digital, from our cameras to sharing photos on social media. We embrace the digital stratosphere. It connects people instantly, while reaching hundreds and thousands of people a traditional print wouldn’t easily do. But we shouldn’t turn away from the physical print. The greatest thing about a printed photograph is that it exists, and that existence continues after the screens are turned off, Wi-Fi connectivity is lost (please, no!) or your computer crashes.

Prints can bring us to so many emotions, without the need for a device to interpret them.

Vint Cerf, one of the founding fathers of the internet, gave the following warning at Association for the Advancement of Science conference earlier this year; “We have various formats for digital photographs and movies and those formats need software to correctly render those objects. Sometimes the standards we use to produce those objects fade away and are replaced by other alternatives and then software that is supposed to render images can’t render older formats, so the images are no longer visible. This is starting to happen to people who are saving a lot of their digital photographs because they are just files of bits. The file system doesn’t know how to interpret them, you need software to do that. Now you’ve lost the photograph in effect. If there are pictures that you really really care about then creating a physical instance is probably a good idea. Print them out, literally.”

At Fotobooth we love prints too! Don’t get us wrong, the instant satisfaction from sharing digitally gives us big fat smiles, but handing over a physical photo can bring even more joy!

Fotobooth uses the best of the best equipment. Along with our high-end DSLR cameras, studio lighting and expert operators we use the DNP DS620 photo printer. Fotobooth currently provides the fastest printing solution on the market, ensuring our clients can receive their photos as they select them. We also offer a wide range of formats, providing flexibility on photo formats, Fotobooth’s printers offers anything from 5x15cm to 15x23cm.  As mentioned earlier, we provide a quick turnaround time, Fotobooth’s printers produces up to 400 prints per hour. The first photo is ready in less than 10 seconds; afterwards it takes approx. 8.9 seconds per picture.

If you think printing photos is obsolete, think again. Even if your precious digital images last into the future, think also about a printed photo.

If done correctly prints can last 100 – 500 years. A print is a physical object that can be held, displayed, stored, moved, and preserved. Long live the print! (alongside the digital revolution, of course!)